What courses will I take in the online master’s degree?

Students enrolled in the Master of Research Methods, Measurement, and Evaluation (RMME) fully online program are required to complete a total of 30 credits. Course requirements are included below.

Competency 1:  Research Methodology and Quantitative Expertise. (12 credits or 4 courses)
EPSY 5601 - Introduction to Educational Research Methods*
EPSY 5605 - Quantitative Methods in Research I*
EPSY 5607 - Quantitative Methods in Research II*
EPSY 6601 - Methods and Techniques of Educational Research

*For students who can demonstrate competency based on previous coursework or exam results, these requirements may be waived and replaced with elective courses at the discretion of the major advisor.

Competency 2: RMME: Theories, Methods, and Models (6 credits or 2 courses)
EPSY 5602 - Educational Tests and Measurements
EPSY 6621 - Program Evaluation

Required Additional Coursework/Independent Study (12 credits)
Students must choose 12 credits from the following courses (or alternative courses that are approved by their advisor).

For students who choose the Plan A (thesis) option (for details see Degree Requirements for MA section below) nine of these credits must be:

GRAD 5950 - Master’s Thesis Research
EPSY 5195 - Introduction to SPSS (1 credit)
EPSY 5195 - Introduction to R (1 credit)
EPSY 5610 - Applied Regression Analysis
EPSY 6469 - Single Subject Research
EDCI 6000 - Qualitative Methods of Educational Research
PP 5379 - Principles and Methods of Survey Research
PP 5377 - Qualitative Methods in Public Policy
EPSY 5510 - Learning: Its Implications for Education
EPSY 6623 - Advanced Program Evaluation
EPSY 5621 - Construction of Evaluation Instruments

For students choosing the Plan B (exam) option, three credits of independent study or practicum are strongly recommended. The independent study may be used to prepare to take the master's level comprehensive exam. The program evaluation practicum may be used to fulfill this requirement as well. The course numbers for these courses are:

EPSY 5199 - Independent Study (3 credits)
EPSY 5494 - Practicum (3 credits)

In addition to completing 30 credits of coursework, Master of Research Methods, Measurement, and Evaluation (RMME) online students must either (Plan A) complete a Master’s Thesis or (Plan B) pass a comprehensive Master’s exam. The Master’s Degree comprehensive exam contains questions related to content covered in EPSY 5601, EPSY 6601, EPSY 5602, EPSY 5605, EPSY 5607, and EPSY 6621. 

During the first year, MA students should complete the MA Plan of Study form. The student’s advisor can provide guidance and approval of his/her committee is required. Copies are to be placed in both Department and Graduate School files.

Master's students must maintain registration continuously each semester (except summer/winter sessions) until all requirements for the degree have been completed. Failure to maintain continuous registration will automatically result in the student being discontinued from the academic program. For information regarding continuous registration requirements, please contact gradschool@uconn.edu.