100% Online, 30-Credit Master’s Degree in Research Methods, Measurement, and Evaluation (RMME)

Program Evaluation, Psychometrics, & Research Methods Courses for Your Future

Both intellectually stimulating and rigorous, this 100% online, research-based degree promotes the uses of Research Methods, Measurement, and Evaluation (RMME) through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application of new skills designed to facilitate program evaluation. You will be prepared to succeed in the measurement, evaluation, and assessment practices within schools, industry, military, state, federal, corporate and other formal or informal educational settings.

RMME faculty at the University of Connecticut's Neag School of Education are committed to providing:

  • Well-organized, interactive online course curricula with clear expectations
  • Exposure to a diverse array of theories and practices within the evaluation fields
  • Student-faculty interaction that encourages your professional development
  • Support in building a network of classmates & peers with whom you will continue to connect into the future

The Research Methods, Measurement & Evaluation online master’s degree program is designed for educators and a varied field of practitioners ranging from corporate training & learning designers through to sales force management seeking program evaluation expertise. Further, it is an ideal graduate degree for recent bachelor’s graduates having entered (or are entering) the workforce, who are interested in maintaining the option to move into the research side of the education realm.

Online coursework focuses on current and emerging topics, including:

  • Classical and modern measurement theory and applications
  • Instrument development
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Program evaluation
  • Educational statistics
  • Educational assessment
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment

Credits earned in UConn's online RMME master's may be transferable to UConn's Program Evaluation Online Graduate Certificate

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Days to Deadline
Application Deadline: March 25, 2022

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

The RMME Admissions Committee reviews all completed submissions after the application deadline.

Please submit your application materials no later than:

March 25: Summer Term
June 17: Fall Term
November 4: Spring Term

UConn Master's in Research Methods, Measurement and Evaluation

Why RMME Online at UConn?
All of our courses are designed and taught by the same UConn faculty that teach students in on-campus programs. Because UConn is an R1 Research University (the highest designation of research activity) you can rest assured that all of our academic programs feature the most relevant and latest research-informed content. Our faculty have national and international reputations and are recognized subject matter experts.

UConn Online Master's in Research Methods, Measurement, and Evaluation

  • Study with many other top students and researchers.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of online learning and attend class from anywhere in the world.
  • Work closely with the scholars who wrote the go-to textbook on educational research methods.
  • Learn from renowned full-time faculty, whose work is some of the most relevant and highly esteemed in the field.
  • Enjoy thoughtfully constructed online courses based on years of experience.
  • Develop your skills and habits based on proven practices that facilitate high-quality work and accurate assessment.

UConn Master's in Research Methods, Measurement and Evaluation

Career Paths

Graduates of the Master of Research Methods, Measurement, and Evaluation (RMME) Online program are well prepared to transition into such educational administrative positions as public administrators, corporate education leaders, elementary and secondary school administrators, and college/university administrators. Some typical roles our graduates take on include:

UConn Online Master's Degree in Research Methods, Measurement and Evaluation• Director of Assessment and Accreditation
Evaluation Consultant
• Senior Program Associate
• Data Manager/Programmer
• Policy Associate
• Survey & Research Specialist
• Research or Data Analyst
• Institutional Research Analyst
• Enrollment Data Analyst
Research Specialist
• Institutional Research Data Specialist
• Coordinator of Accountability & Research
• Director of Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment