About Research Methods, Measurement, & Evaluation (RMME):

Why Earn a Master's Degree in Research Methods, Measurement, & Evaluation (RMME)?

Data is everywhere, and we collect more of it each day. When we log on to computers, look down at phones, check fitness trackers, open utility bills, watch news stories, review student report cards, read new prescription inserts, compare products to make purchases, visit health portals for recent medical test results, prepare reports for supervisors at work--we constantly create, absorb, and make decisions about all of the data we encounter on a daily basis. But how can we organize and analyze data scientifically to answer specific questions we develop? How do we know if accessible data is sufficient, and how do we collect new data if what we can access is not adequate for our purposes? How do we synthesize multiple sources of information and analyze them, both individually and collectively? And how do we interpret the results of our analyses so we can use them to make judgments about the value, worth, and/or success of the change we made, while crafting recommendations about the next steps we should take?

Enter UConn’s RMME MA Degree Program

The University of Connecticut’s 100% Online Research Methods, Measurement, & Evaluation Master’s (RMME MA) program helps you build skills you need to effectively answer all of these questions. From the initial formulation of research and evaluation questions to the valid use of data to address those questions, an RMME Master’s degree will prepare you to engage in research and evaluation projects across a variety of disciplines from education to social/behavioral sciences to public policy and beyond. So, begin your professional development with us today, and build transferable skills you can start using tomorrow!